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This changes regularly but updating it is a here's to good intentions.
Ah, where are the computer projects?
They ARE coming. The musical projects above are another side of what I do. The Roland/Yamaha based electronic drumset is from the "Project" page of my old site and it is still current, as my band has a gig coming up soon. The other image is of an album CD release I was involved in supporting. I will include (HERE) a link to my website for this band so you can find out more. Scroll through the Gallery to see them. Pictures of my latest Drum project are on the way!
As promised, a new project! I have been wanting to replace my ageing Intel i5 system for a while now and a recent sale at a local PC store (plus me selling a large amount of computer RAM, old Video cards and my 2010 Mac Pro at online auction) gave me the cash to start the process! That cash is now spent...
The new system benchmarks almost 10x faster on Novabench than the old one. Having an SSD as the main drive does help. It's not the latest or the most powerful system. It uses a 15 year old Graphics card! It still runs much more quickly with DDR4 RAM and a new install of Windows 10 (64 bit). It wasn't without it's problems though. I am writing up just what went wrong and how I solved it and this will appear here in due course.

Also, this week I obtained a number of new components in the form of Video Cards, Motherboards and complete cases. They are being tested right now and the results will be put up in the "Motherboards & CPU" section. Some of these are featured in the slideshow above, after the built up computer case.

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