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Creative Computer Deconstruction
Where the parts are worth more than the sum of the whole...

Your   desktop or laptop needs to be replaced. It is running almost as slow  as Joe Biden no matter what you try to add, remove or change. Windows  takes longer to open than it takes to find a free toilet in a dysentry outbreak.
You just want to SMASH it!

However, in most cases  the offending machine will either sit in the garage for months or be  thrown out for recycling. This  site is here to help you gain a little of your investment back by  removing, testing and then SELLING some of the componentry.  In a world  that seems to insist on replacement rather than recycling, this is a  better way to go.
LATEST UPDATES: Check out the release poster for an upcoming single by Hamilton band "The Dawks"! They are a 4 piece band writing all original music influenced by Punk/Adjacent, Rock and much more. There are some living room Demos up on their SOUNDCLOUD page but some of the rough mixes from their recent studio recordings will be going up there soon. Look here for future updates.
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Links to the Multiverse

There  will also be some links  to sites that I find interesting and useful  for anyone wanting to solve  a computer problem, as well as things of  general interest (such as  music, art and culture).   Look for these soon...in fact, here is the first one below! I'm not a  professional technician. There will be disclaimers so you can't sue me.
Interested in New Zealand music? This site is one of the most comprehensive around that charts the history of music in New Zealand (and its' place in the world). You can click on THIS LINK or on the picture on the right to get there. It's addictive. Hard to stop browsing. You have been warned...
The Blog still lives! Check it out HERE

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