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Clare's Birthday Present ALTERNATIVE

Since 2005 Wayne and I have supported a Youth Organisation (YO) in Turkey that provides literacy, health and resources for children, young people, families and communities. Part of this has been annual summer camps, community programmes, IT resources and other publications. While living in Turkey (2004-6) we met with the organisers, attended the camps and were TOTALLY IMPRESSED with what they do...

Kids In Turkey:
In 2008 we set up a Trust called Kids In Turkey (KiT) to help support them in practical and financial ways.
It's been an amazing ride to see how much they have grown, how many children's lives have been changed for good, and how 'doing our bit' has made such a difference for those in need.

The Need:
Our hearts were broken over the 2022 devastating earthquakes in Turkey, with so many children suffering. YO was one of the first to work with local communities to bring their own special brand of child friendly humanitarian aid. For example, in the acute phrase of the emergency they provided children with a backpack of colouring pencils, paper, pens, books, soft toys, games and other comforting, psychologically important things for children who were dislocated and had lost everything.

Now they are providing clothing, practical educational and online resources, and creating sustainable relationships with local aid organisations. See pictures below.
With winter upon them, now more than ever, they need our help.

How you can help:
The best 'present' you could give me for my 60th would be to make a payment to YO.
To make this as simple as possible, we will use a personal account, then transfer ALL GIVING to YO (no receipts possible as it will be a bulk transfer).

Please give to:
ANZ Bank: 06 0241 0685469 20
WD & CM Barnett
Reference: Turkey (your name if you want, so we can thank you!)

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