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The Stats Rise Again

SmashThatComputer 2022
Published by Wayne in On my mind · Sunday 12 Nov 2023
This site is finally going to disappear in April when my hosting ends. I have said this how come the number of viewers is RISING again?
It's up to 12 people a day - more than for the last several years!
Is this because people doubt that I will really shut it down? Do people want it to continue, so they are looking at it a lot more so I keep it going? Who knows?

Well, if you want the domain, feel free to make me an offer. It still has another year to run, I think.

Flood me with pleading emails that force me to keep it going. Do something. Anything. It still won't make a difference, as I will have my new Art Site to spend my hosting money on.

So, over the next few months until D-Day, I will include some of my artwork, musical projects, etc on the site to let you know what will be coming. I am starting right now, as there is a link to my Soundcloud page with new recordings by my band, The Dawks.


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