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Smash It!

This felt just sooooo good when I posed for the shot! My 12 year old son shot the photo and waited eagerly for me to get out the video camera...

Wet rainy weather is the enemy of video making, and I still haven't shot this one yet. The "Smash the iPhone with a hammer" video is scripted and ready to shoot though. Yes, a REAL iPhone, not a fake. It even boots to the Apple logo. No further, but that's why I am going to smash it!

The iPhone video has been edited and uploaded to YouTube. I hope you enjoy it. As you will see, there was very little acting needed to convincingly facilitate the destruction. I did have an anxious moment when I thought that I had used my good phone for the shoot though.....never keep TWO phones in opposite pockets!

Click on the image above to see the video!

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