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Smash It!

No more videos on the horizon for me, unfortunately. I just have too many other things in my life right now! I hope to get some short clips done on repairing Mac laptops and also to document my progress on my 2006 Mac Pro Xeon upgrade. (UPDATE: This project is completed and working great but I want to extend it to be able to use OSX higher than Lion. It's possible, but I need to do some research. More later) Update of update: I now have OSX Yosemite working on the Mac Pro.

Oh, did I mention the HP LCD monitor smash tests? No, as they are still waiting near the workshop to actually smash them!

Hatchet man

I hope you are still enjoying this one. As you will see, there was very little acting needed to convincingly facilitate the destruction. I did have an anxious moment when I thought that I had used my good phone for the shoot though.....never keep TWO phones in opposite pockets!

My iphone Smash video
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