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Cool Sites

Below are some interesting sites, to do with computing, music, art and....whatever.
I will even try to show you a few CD favourites of mine from time to time, or feature others that I discover. There's some great stuff out there! iPhone apps that could prove useful may make an appearance (if I don't smash the iPhone first!) Update: It's a bit late for that now!
From time to time I come across some great free or cheap software, so I will list some of this as well. (For both Mac and PC) - a favourite band of mine from California -
the guy who knows everything about computers - Owen from the UK's music site

Passionfruit Magazine - High School student produced arts and culture magazine

Portobello Gallery, Dunedin - a cool new art gallery in New Zealand's South Island

"Mercury Light" by Lucena (also known as LCNA)

Check out this band if you have a chance. Their EP is available on iTunes, and this is all you will ever hear from them, sadly, as they have now parted ways.

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