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So much free time....if only!

Published by Wayne in Another Statistic... · 24/10/2014 00:03:29

I have about ten Mac related jobs/projects to get onto. I have a white Intel iMac to put a new hard drive in, about 4 Macbook Pros to repair, several others to test, an aluminium Intel iMac to take apart and I have had to take back a macbook Pro that I sold a while back for a number of reasons...mainly little issues like a loose headphone socket.

But, I have NO TIME to do any of this! My job is really busy, home life is a bit hectic and it won't free up for another few weeks. So much for the great computer repairman!

On the bright side, those projects are extremely cool ones and I can't wait to get into them....and give me more material for my book.

I am holding off upgrading my website writing program until I am sure it is worth the extra features - watch this space for an opinion. Meantime - sleep! (me that is).

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