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Online Cloud Storage

Published by Wayne in Plug It In and watch it burn... · 24/1/2015 19:26:55

This is a shameless plug! Really. As you may have seen on my home page, I have been a beta tester for "GotBackup", which is a new unlimited online cloud backup system.
I have been trying out the "Family Pack", where I have up to 5 computers using the service. Yes, it also works with Mac.
Unlike some of the "free" online backup options, this gives UNLIMITED storage - not the 2Gb offered by some services.
You can set it up to back up what you want, when you want, and then leave it to work. It doesn't take up huge amount of system resources.
It's also set up as an affiliate system, where you can be a reseller (great if you have good visibility online with your website or YouTube clips) and get paid 100% commissions.
I have tried a couple of these sorts of things before, but none of them contained a "real" product that you could sell. This is a real product and it's one that everyone who has lost data to a computer crash or hard drive failure will appreciate.
The public launch is just a few days away. Check it out on my homepage, or HERE.

Seriously, this is too good to miss out on. Check it out. You can also cancel at any time if it is not for you...

This is the only shameless plug I have given you in the nearly 3 years of SmashThatComputer. I will try not to do it again unless, of course, something else this good comes up.

A Pile of junk!

Published by Wayne in Another Statistic... · 14/1/2015 22:46:15

Merry Christmas

Published by Wayne in Plug It In and watch it burn... · 17/12/2014 08:51:36

Late night

Published by Wayne in Another Statistic... · 18/11/2014 01:03:27

A quick message...

Published by Wayne in Plug It In and watch it burn... · 27/10/2014 21:41:15
Do you REALLY want your old files viewed by someone else?
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