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An outpouring of new Mac stuff!

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Yahoo!  (no, not the webmail service).
A visit to the recyler has yielded a whole lot of new Apple stuff....iMacs, Mac Pro, Macbook Pros, and lots of bits. As well as about 35 iPhones and 5 iPads. All seemingly with problems such as broken screens of course!

I got the laptop and desktop stuff and left the rest for the recyler to give to someone who was an expert phone repairer. Except for two phones. One was a 5s and looked perfect. The other was n iPhone 6 and was immaculate. After a bit of charging the 6 went to the Apple logo but stopped there. I took them both home to check them out.

The 5s charged fine and loaded up but had a non-responsive touch screen. The 6.....well I got it into DFU mode, did a full restore and looked up the IMEI number to find it was not locked or linked to any iCloud account - so I bought a $5 SIM and activated it. It worked perfectly! Sadly, I had to give it back to the recycler so he could sell it and make some cash. No worries. I got plenty of stuff from him and was a happy boy also.

Who knows what else might appear in the yard?

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