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June, and it's Winter here...

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Where did a month go? It's just past the shortest day of the year and I got another year older a couple of weeks back.
I have, sitting on my table downstairs, a project. Sitting in the bin at the recycler's was an older PC. The internals were nothing to get excited about, the the case was a LIAN LI! A very nice example, rather like a Mac Pro with lots of drilled aluminium.
So, I looked for some parts to put in it. There was a newish motherboard that had no backplate of CMOS battery. I found both in my storage at home. I then fitted an i5 Haswell into it and tried to fire it up. To my great astonishment, after a reset CMOS, it worked. I found some RAM, and put it all in the case. Now for the PSU.
First problem. The Lian Li cases use an external bracket for the power supply and this case no longer contained it (or the original PSU). I solved this by taking apart an old case and cutting out the appropriate bit to use as a bracket. That proved too flimsy to work, but I used it as a template to make one out of acrylic (perspex) and after some careful drilling and widening of holes, the PSU was fitted!
Now for a Graphics card. Problem. I only had old (and I mean old) cards. 256Mb. 512. DDR2.
I hunted in boxes and got out some half way respectable cards, but then found out why they were in boxes - they all had faults. In fact, I used up several hours trying out these cards only to admit I am having to go online. Me, the great seller of used computer parts, has to buy one off someone else.
So, that's the update. I will look for the best deal online (second hand of course) and when the build is done, I will show you some pictures in this blog or on the main site. That's as long as nothing else goes wrong...

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