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E-BOOK is actually coming together

Published by Wayne in Another Statistic... · 27/9/2014 11:29:39

I read some great advice the other day. If you have a dream or plan, make sure that every day you do even just a small amount of work on it. That way, it will be closer to completion no matter how huge the task seems.
That's what I am doing on my e-book about disassembling and selling computer components.  Otherwise, my life is so busy that I will never get it done. There is always something else in the "do now" or "urgent" category that takes up your time and tasks like writing an e-book get pushed back until "you have a free moment".
At this time in my life, the mythical free moment isn't likely to happen (or I will find something else to do in that time), so I am really appreciating the advice to get SOMETHING done, no matter how small.

Try it for yourself.

Astonishment at the idea of completing my e-book...

Mac Pages almost done

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The Big Theft

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The big sale

Published by Wayne in Another Statistic... · 18/6/2014 20:25:39
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I could not believe it!

Published by Wayne in Another Statistic... · 31/5/2014 22:12:16
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